Mutual Funds KYC Guidelines

What is KYC (Know your client)?

KYC “Know Your Customer”,is a term commonly used for Customer Identification Process. SEBI has prescribed certain requirements relating to KYC norms for Financial Institutions and Financial Intermediaries including Mutual Funds to ‘know’ their clients. This would be in the form of verification of identity and address, financial status, occupation and such other demographic information.

With effect from January1, 2012 all categories of investors irrespective of amount of investments in Mutual Funds are required to comply with KYC for carrying out any transactions in Mutual Funds. Thus any investor (all applicants in a folio) investing into mutual funds would be required to be KYC compliant by any KYC Rating Agency (CVL, NSE, NSDL, CAMS or KARVY) without which the transactions may be liable to be rejected by the respective mutual fund houses.
Please note KYC norms are mandatory for ALL applicants/investors (including existing investors and joint holders) while investing with any SEBI registered Mutual Fund, irrespective of the amount of investment.

This one-time verification is valid for transactions across all mutual funds.

KYC is applicable for which type of transactions?

  • Fresh Purchases
  • Additional Purchases
  • Switch Transactions
  • New Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) / MICRO SIP Registrations
  • New Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) Registrations.

KYC status can be checked from any of the below mentioned websites depending on where you have submitted your KYC application form:

To check KYC status

  • Visit any of the above sites
  • Enter your PAN and click ‘SUBMIT’
  • Check the status
    • If KYC status is “Inprocess” or “Verified” then proceed ahead with the mutual fund registration process.
    • If KYC status is “Invalid data” then you need to initiate KYC process.

KYC Registration process:

  • Click here to download the KYC Form
  • Completely filled KYC application form
  • Documents required:
    • Self attested copy of PAN card
    • Self attested copy of Address proof: Latest Telephone Bill/Landline/Mobile /Latest Electricity Bill /Passport copy/Latest Bank Passbook/Bank Account Statement /Latest Demat Account statement /Driving License /Ration Card /Rent Agreement.

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