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Doha Bank offers mortgage loans that suits your need.

  • Home Loan Purchase.
  • Home Loan Resale.
  • Top Up.
  • Balance Transfer.
  • Balance Transfer with Top Up.
  • Construction Loan.
  • Refinance loan.
  • Loan against property.

* Loan shall be extended in cities where Doha Bank has an office in India


With Doha Bank Home Loans, turning your dream home in India into a reality is convenient and easy.


  • Attractive interest rates with link to RBI Repo Rate.
  • Long Loan Tenure.
  • Wide Loan Amount range.
  • Choice from fixed and floating interest rates.
  • Convenient loan disbursement process.
  • Doorstep service in India till disbursement.
  • Insurance option to cover your home loans at attractive premium.



  • You must be minimum 25 years old & maximum age limit is 60 years or retirement age (whichever is earlier) at the time of loan maturity.

Employment Type / Experience

  • Salaried with minimum 1 year & above or total work experience of 3 years & above.

Tenure & Minimum Qualification

  • For Salaried- Maximum loan tenure up to 25 years and minimum loan tenure is 1 year.
  • Minimum qualification – Graduate or equivalent degree.

Loan Amount

Loan Amount

Maximum Funding*

Amount 10 lacs up to Rs. 30 lacs 70% of the agreement value
Above 30 lacs to Rs.75 lacs 70% of the agreement value
Above Rs.75 lacs 70% of the agreement value

* Subject to Agreement value or Market value (whichever is less) of the property and repayment capacity of the customer, as assessed by Doha Bank.

This shall not include stamp duty, registration charges and any other documentation charges.


  • Minimum Salary: net salary of INR 40,000/- (per month).
  • The Applicant’s / Co-applicant’s or both incomes will be considered for eligibility. However, the Co-applicant has to be applicant’s immediate family member- spouse, parent or child.
  • Salary should be received on Monthly basis through direct bank credit.


Credit at the sole discretion of Doha Bank and subject to guidelines issued by RBI/QCB (Qatar Central Bank) from time to time. Bank may engage the services of marketing agents for the purpose of sourcing loan assets.


Processing Fee: 0.25% of the loan amount subject to a minimum of Rs. 10,000/-. Taxes as applicable will be charged on the fees collected.


Personal details documents

  • One passport size latest photograph of each applicant (applicant & co-applicant) / Guarantor with signature across.
  • Copy of PAN Card of all applicants/guarantors/POA holder or Form 60.
  • Any one of following Identity Proof.
    • Driving License.
    • Photo Credit Card.
    • Photo Identity card issued by Govt. body.
    • Letter from recognised public authority or public servant verifying the identity of the customer with photograph (not more than 30 days old).
    • Valid Indian passport.
    • Voter Card.
    • Aadhaar Card.
  • Any one of following Address Proof.
    • Letter from a recognised public authority or public servant verifying the identity and residence of the customer.
    • Utility bill which is not more than two months old of any service provider (electricity, telephone, post-paid mobile phone, piped gas, water bill.
    • Rent agreement on stamp Paper.
    • Bank Statements reflecting address of borrowers of any commercial nationalised bank.
    • Credit Card Statement not older than 2 months.
    • Life Insurance Policy.
    • Residence address Certificate / letter by employer on company letterhead.
    • Copy of Sale Deed of the property (residence), if owned.
    • Municipal or property tax receipt.
    • Post office saving bank account statement.
    • Pension or family pension payment orders (PPOs) issued to retired employees by Govt. departments or Public Sector Undertakings, if they contain the address.
    • Letter of allotment of accommodation from employer issued by State or Central Govt. departments, statutory or regulatory bodies, and public sector undertakings, scheduled commercial banks, financial institutions, and listed companies. Similarly, leave and license agreements with such employers allotting official accommodation.
    • Documents issued by Govt. departments of foreign jurisdiction and letter issued by Foreign Embassy or Mission in India.
  • Work Experience Proof.
    • Appointment Letter / Increment Letter / Contract Letter
    • Copy of previous appointment letter / Relieving letter / Experience, in case the number of years in current employment is less than 1 year of establish his employment.

Financial details documents – Salaried individuals

  • Original Salary Certificate and 3 months’ pay slips showing all deductions.
  • Income Tax return copy for last 2 years.
  • Original latest 6 months bank statement clearly mentioning salary credits in the account.

You can apply individually or jointly for Home Loans. All proposed owners of the property will have to be co-applicant. However, all co-applicants need not be co-owners, however Co-applicants should be immediate family members only.

Co-applicant’s income can be considered for enhancing your loan eligibility or increasing your loan amount. Please ensure that all financial documents of co-applicant(s) are attached with your India Home Loan Application.

In case there is no co-applicant, a Guarantor is required compulsorily along with his / her identity and address proof.


The repayment of the loan shall be made through normal banking channel or by debit to the Doha Bank / Non Doha Bank Savings account of the borrower by way of equated monthly instalments (EMI).

Modes of Repayment

After availing full disbursement of loan

After you avail full disbursement, you have the convenience of setting up a standing instruction in your bank account with us, for monthly repayments of your home loan instalments. For this, you need to execute (Direct Debit) Mandate in favour of the Bank.


You can make part-prepayments during the tenure of the loan at no cost (floating rate option). We would reduce the outstanding balance of your loan to the extent of the prepayment made by you. The interest on your loan would therefore be calculated only on the balance loan outstanding. This would help you in either reducing the tenure of the loan or reducing the monthly instalment that you would be paying.

For Fixed Rate Home Loans: Pre-payment charges shall be levied @ 2% of the outstanding loan amount plus GST tax and other applicable charges if any.


The loan should be fully secured by creating equitable mortgage of the property and if necessary, lien on borrower’s other assets in India.


Property Insurance- insurance on the property against fire, riots and appropriate hazards, as required by Doha Bank, will have to be taken by the borrower. Such insurance policy shall be assigned / endorsed in favour of Bank.

The borrower may also be suggested to take a Life Insurance Policy which should cover death due to any reason (natural/accident). Such insurance policy shall be assigned / endorsed in favour of the Bank. The amount of each cover must not be less than the loan amount outstanding at any point of time.

The bank shall offer to make available insurance policy from the insurance company with which it has a tie-up. The borrower shall have the option of choosing any insurer of his choice.

Interest Rates

Floating Rate

Click here Floating Rates

The mean interest rate for Home Loans for the quarter ended March 2023 is 9.05% p.a. and mean for last quarter (December 2022) was 8.56% p.a.

Annual Percentage Rate

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a method to compute annualized credit, cost which includes interest rate and loan origination fee. Kindly click here to calculate the APR.

Details of Fees and Charges

Click here for schedule of fees and charges on home loans

Terms and Conditions

All the information contained herein above is for awareness and customer convenience and is intended to only act as an indicative guide about Doha Bank’s products and services. For detailed information about Doha Bank’s products and services kindly visit the nearest Doha Bank branch.

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