FX-Retail Platform by The Clearing Corporation of India Ltd

An electronic trading platform for buying or selling foreign exchange by retail customers of Banks

A trading platform is expected to provide transparency and at the same time enhance competition and lead to better pricing for the customers. In this connection, FX-Retail has been rolled out by the Clearing Corporation of India Limited (CCIL) as per the RBI vide circular dated 20/06/2019.

The FX-Retail platform provides for an anonymous and order driven dealing in the USD/INR currency pair. You can access the platform through the Internet to place buy/sell orders in the USD/INR currency pair as per your requirement. The FX-CLEAR Inter-bank Spot rates are also available on the platform for view purpose. You are required to get registered for availing access to the FX-Retail platform.

You can book contracts in:

  • CASH (Same day currency settlement),
  • TOM (Next day currency settlement),
  • SPOT (Trade +2 days currency settlement) and
  • FORWARD (Beyond SPOT currency settlement) instruments upto a period of 13 months including broken dates also.

There is no cap on the number of transactions per customer during a day. The total amount of transactions of a customer shall be subject to the limit assigned by its bank.

The size of a single transaction is not allowed to exceed $5 million.

As per Clearcorp Dealing systems (India) Ltd following charges are to be levied by the Banks from customers for usage of the FX Retail platform:

Schedule of Fees and Charges



One time Customer Registration Charges  
a. Individual INR 300*
b. Non-Individual INR 1000*
Transaction Charges  
a. Upto USD 50,000 in a day No Charges
b. Above USD 50,000 in a day 0.0004% on the entire Transaction value in INR terms *

* GST is applicable on the above charges

Customers may contact their home branch to ascertain details of Bank’s charges. Customers while registering on CCIL’s FX-Retail platform may note to mention Doha Bank QPSC as the Relationship Bank. Customers are requested to contact their Home Branch for submission of requisite documents for on-boarding & limits set up. For further details may write to indiahelpdesk@dohabank.co.in.

The FX-Retail platform can be accessed through the website https://www.fxretail.co.in and can obtain further details about the platform on the CCIL website (https://www.ccilindia.com)

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